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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently asked questions from Buyer and Homeowners. If you don't find an answer to what you are looking for, please go to the contact page and give us a shout. 


How much are the annual HOA dues?
Annual HOA homeowner assessment, often called dues or fees, is $350 per year. The assessment covers January 1 through December 31 of each year. The assessment is due not later than January 15 of each year. A late fee will be assessed for any payments after January 15. 


Can I withhold my HOA assessment payment if I am unhappy with the HOA?
No, you cannot. Homeowners are legally obligated to pay the annual assessment without exception. Failure to pay can result in the placement of a lien on your house.


What is this money used for by the HOA?
The HOA is a non-profit corporation and uses all monies received for the benefit of the community. No salaries are paid to the members of the board or committees of the HOA. Owners will receive a budget each year that shows where the funds go. Most of our annual expenditures go to maintain and operate our common areas. 


When are garbage and recycling picked up? 
Garbage and recycling are collected every Thursday, except on holiday weeks. Then the pick-up day is one day later (Friday). However, collection days are subject to change depending upon weather and workload. See the City of Auburn website ( for more information. 


I can't find my mailbox key or I never received a mailbox key, how do I get one?

Please contact the USPS for replacement or additional mailbox keys. If you have not gotten your keys, please email to coordinate getting your keys.


I want to make changes to my landscape or add on to my home, what do I do?

The Bridgewater at Cary Creek HOA requires that homeowners submit changes or additions for any work on your home or lot to the Design Review Board. Please scroll down to the Association Information and click the download button for #3 to get an application. The DRB Design Manual is available by request, scroll down to #4 and click the link to request the current manual. 


Who do I talk to if I have HOA issues, questions or concerns?

The Bridgewater at Cary Creek HOA is managed by Auburn Area Properties. Please contact Brian with any issues or questions.

Bridgewater at Cary Creek Homeowners Association Information

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